ℐnsℴmnis ☾

 ℐnsℴmnis  ☾

O sleepless as the river under thee,
Vaulting the sea, the prairies’ dreaming sod,
Onto us lowliest sometime sweep, descend
And of the curveship lend a myth to God.
― H Crane

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5 Responses to ℐnsℴmnis ☾

  1. So a lovely photo to go with the poem! Well chosen!

  2. Make that: *such a lovely photo. (sheesh) :-S

  3. dhakadi says:

    Shawn— Kiitos! ❣ (Thank You!)

  4. The photo is magical. Words can seldom do such sights justice

    • dhakadi says:

      CD— I agree. However, there are those who write with such additional definitiveness, and wonderfully penetrating verse that captures one so deeply, it matters not all that much the consummate evenness. ❣

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